Online Fashion: The Leaders for Women

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There is a reason January is notoriously know as being the most depressing month of the year. People, and by people I mean me, have overspent and overate over the festive period. Now that payday has made its glorious monthly appearance, and we have bid a farewell to those January blues. I feel it is perfect time to get a head start on shaping your style for the forthcoming season. If your like me, what other way would you do it bedsides online shopping, of course?



Let’s begin with the obvious safety net, Net-a-Porter. Since launching in 2000, it has pioneered to become “The world’s premier online luxury fashion destination”. Best of all, they ship to more than 170 countries so that little black box is simply one click away.

Net-A-Porter: The Beginning of Proper Online Shopping

The Outnet

Things don’t get much sweeter than this. An outlet at your fingertips, and conveniently named – The Outnet. The subsidiary company of Net-a-Porter, it is where they send all their past seasons’ collections at a discounted price. This online sensation has removed the labor of hauling through racks at your local outlet village for that key designer piece at a not so designer price .

netaporter outlet

The Outnet: Net-A-Porter but cheaper


This next one comes with a warning because once you visit this website, you will be hooked, and there is a price to pay. Literally. Reformation is sadly (for me) located in California, which therefore means you will be hit with a bill for import tax upon delivery.  But, and there is a big but, they offer free shipping, so technically it evens out? Okay not really, but they’re a sustainable company whose motto is making “killer clothes that don’t kill the environment”, so I just tell myself I am saving the world. They analyse the origin of each article of clothing so you know where it was made and the amount of CO2 produced to make it.  It helps with the guilt.



INTERMIX – in-ter-mix, to be or become mixed together; to blend, or associate intimately

As the name suggests, Intermix provides a mix of super sophisticated pieces, mixed with just the right amount of cool. There is a vast assortment which focuses on current trends mixed with both established and emerging designers. This is your one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

women online fashion intermix


Free People

For every bohemian goddess out there, Free People will be your sanctuary. What I particularly love about this website is their effortlessly chic styling images which make everything look amazing, which is always a plus whilst shopping online. Added bonus to this website is they have a “style pics” section, where buyers upload their pictures of themselves in the clothes so you get to see how others style and wear them. All round inspiration I say.

free people boho women online fashion

Free People – For Your Inner Boho


How does one summarize or condense Asos in any shape of form, when they sell over 80,000 branded and own branded products. This ranges from beauty, to clothes, shoes, bags, you name it – they got it.  If you are like me, and in general seem to always leave things to the eleventh hour, then Asos will be your saving grace. Your options are endless from classic going out attire to the necessary sweat pants and hoody for the ultimate lounge day, which is an essential after the night before which required that ‘going out’ look. Their express next day delivery is just an added bonus to aid in that last minute bedlam.

women fashion online asos

ASOS – All you need. And a little bit more


Not Just a Label

Love all things green and sustainable, whilst supporting local producers? Then Not Just a Label is the perfect match for you.  NJAL has provided a pivotal platform for over 20,000 designers to work independently with like-minded individuals in their profession in more than 110 countries worldwide.  They offer designers the opportunity to showcase their designs throughout the world at no cost, all the while keeping suitability in mind, “Discovering And Supporting Pioneers In Contemporary Fashion”.

not just a label, women fashion online

Not Just A Label – The Cool, The Hip, The Hard To Get



Since the YOOX group’s merge with the Net-a- Porter group in 2015, the e-commerce company has been referred to as the Amazon of the fashion world. How so? YOOX has a similar methodology to the Outnet in that their ethos is to sell items from previous seasons from the eminent fashion houses, such as Balmain, McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana, at a discounted prices. This allows “luxury brands to off-load last year’s merchandise without undermining their brands or cannibalizing sales at their existing stores”.

yoox women fashion online

YOOX – The depth of ASOS with the style of Net-a-Porter

For now, I think that is all you can take.  Check it all out and if you know of some sweet ones we missed, let us know via the comments.  Dress on!