A while back, I almost bought a pair of spats.  I thought they would look good in a formal setting, paired with my Givenchy midnight blue dinner suit.  But alas, it was not to be.  Trolling through various shoes stores in London and online stores (from a computer in London), Mr. Porter was able to find me something that was spat-like without being spatty.

These Heschung lace-up boots are a beautiful tan leather but the boot part is a speed-tie canvas, giving you the purity of spats sans ostentation.  The soles are a thick and sturdy and, although Heschung is based in Alsace, the boot has been constructed in Norway, my favorite place for herring and soldiers.

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The problem with buying shoes online is the inevitable, “does it fit?”  I have purchase several excellent pairs of shoes and have fitting problems only twice, but what it does highlight is manufacturer’s wavering sizes.  Am I a 42, 43 or 44?  Am I a UK8, 9 or 10?  The advantage of Mr. Porter is the ability to exchange within 24 hours.  The Heschungs, however, are like a perfectly fitted glove.  Maybe it’s my foot; maybe it’s Msr. Heschung’s expertise in sizing, but these shoes were comfortable the first time I put them on.  My only reservation is the thinness of the leather lacing.  It does have a tendency to fall off the speed lacing occasionally.  Usually after 4-5 G+Ts.

Hip, Hip, Hooray, Mr. Porter!  And Msr. Heschung.