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I was recently walking around Floral St (See my photo essay on the shops on this wonderful narrow street), when I walked into the store of Bolongaro Trevor. Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor are the genius behind All Saints, which they sold in 2005. Stuart had a stint at Reiss (another great brand) before launching All Saints and Kait has done time with Vivienne Westwood.
The Who jacket has a very auspicious beginning, having been designed for and worn by Peter Townsend. His jacket is a bit brighter, adhering to the original colour of a Union Jack but maybe the toned down version that I now own makes it auto-heirloom.
My plans are to pair it with slim jeans, Church’s Tokyo Leather Chelsea boots, and a V-neck T-shirt. Or if I need a little more, a pair of tapered flat-front chinos with black brogues.

Now if I can only do the windmill…