I recently received these incredible shoes from Paul Smith.  There is nothing better than a monk-strap shoe.  Whether it is a single or a double, strapping your monk down is the proper thing to do.  In fact, monk-straps seem to be restricted to the Continent as I have seldom seen a pair on an American.  Or a Texan (although I have seen the “fringe” on a cowboy boot…)

These will go great with a pair of slim-fit jeans, dun pants, or even a white or tan suit with a jaunty scarf.  Perfect for Lake Como on the Chriscraft!

The other great thing about this shoe is that the upper is made of a stretchy mesh, perfect for the summer.  The trend of “no socks” is a debatable one, but I think a good one.  Additionally, pant lengths have gotten much higher.  I was recently reading the Le Snob Guide to Tailoring by Simon Crompton (What a deliciously snobby name!) and he expounds on the difference between English and Italian tailoring.  The Italians keep the pant length quite a bit higher than the English break purely so that elegant shoes can be seen.

Given that I have these new shows for summer, I am rethinking my pant length…