When people look at my shoe collection, there is a faint gasp and then a hallowed smile as they realise its depth and beauty.  Many of my female friends can’t believe the staggering number and variety.

But boots are a different story…

For some reason, I am extremely partial to them.  Maybe it’s because with trousers being shorter and socks being optional, I am more like a Victorian lady in not wanting to show my ankles.  Boots do this wonderfully!

McQueen has done it again in the shoe department with this wonderful burnished brown leather boot.  Its form is of a finely crafted, refined workwear, but upon getting closer, the rough edges turn out to be laser engraved sailors tattoos.

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The leather engraving technique is not something I have encountered before, but I am smitten.  The application to jackets and accessories as well as shoes seems incredible and I am very much looking forward to forward looking designers to take this digital idea into the future.