“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it.”
-Diana Vreeland

The insight of Vreeland is peerless. A combination of exuberance for clothes, a razor-sharp wit and a mischief for gossip. And her writing on the subject is monumental.

The Eye has to travel

Thus we are presented with the difficulty of writing about fashion. Much of contemporary fashion writing is consistently about trends, acknowledging the shifts in forms and colors without contextualizing clothing in a larger cultural framework.

The depth that fashion has penetrated our lives is unprecedented.  Previously, our clothes dictated our social class and function. Now it is a personal expression of who we are as a person and as a social unit.  The implications are incredible and, yet, the discourse on fashion has been confined to the ivory tower of academia.  Often housed in feminist studies or critical theory, the discourse remains in the past or in the obscure, without any real engagement with the practitioners of the craft – the designers, the marketers, the bon vivant, the dilettante, the street punk, the celebrity, the avant-garde.

Fashion, for both men and women, is a public act.  The choice of this chemise and those trousers is the conscious construction of an image representing both ourself, what we hold important and what the world has said we should look like.

Regardless of your appreciation for clothing, every article on our bodies, every piece of ivory or metal that hangs from our wrist or throats is a representation of not just the individual but society using the individual as a mirror.


pleats+darts steps in that direction, outlining commentary base on the insight of creators, designers, “wearers” and thinkers. Although changes and trends will play a part in what we talk about, the critical eye will function as the sceptic and the humourist will relieve us of our own self-importance.
Our desires are to publish multiple articles per week but we are a small, nimble outfit, designed for thrusting and running, but we hope a newer voice is heard amongst the cacophony of laissez-faire fashion reporting. We will encourage debate and commentary, so please help contribute to our project by letting us know your opinions, fears and perambulations.