Author: Una Støke

Art & Fashion

The London Art Fair was about a month ago and the event presented some very interesting works.  Of particular fascination for me were a number of pieces that had fashion as a central theme.  The following works are from some artists I think you should look at: I Want To Be Barbie, the Bitch Has Everything This slideshow requires JavaScript. Cécile Plaisance has been obsessed with dolls, particularly Barbie since she was a little girl.  Barbie has been honored by the greats of design but Plaisaance deconstructs the icon to show what is underneath, playing on all of the...

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Flocking, Shearling & Croc

Eve was the first fashion designer. When the knowledge that she was naked dawned on her after her tart tatin, I suspect that a fig leaf wasn’t the first thing she thought of. Around them strutted animals replete with style – the leopard, the peacock, the zebra. This slideshow requires JavaScript. The early history of fashion is entirely of humankind clad in the skins and feathers of animals. The North American Indian combine the skin of the doe with the feathers of the eagle to create. The Fuegians combine bark, fish skins, furs and cowries to fantastic effect. This...

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