Author: Benedictus Idlewild

Hats, People Aren’t Wearing Enough of Them

Up until the late ’50s, a hat was an integral part of a man’s wardrobe, but the ’60s through the well-made hat into a tailspin with the floppy leather thing-a-ma-bob and the beanie.  The informality and the influence of sports has essentially reduced hat wearing to beanies and baseball caps.  For much of 19th century America and the UK, the hat symbolised not only economic class but also could distinguish ethnic groups in the urban context.  Martin Scorsese brings this out so richly in his epic film Gangs of New York, which in fact could be an ode to...

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Fashion Bros – Episode 2

Episode 2 On episode 2 of “Fashion Bros!” collector of cheap hoodies Lawrence Schlossman and the perpetually sleepy/swagless James Harris emerge from the anonymity of the Internet to launch televised missiles at the horror that is New York Fashion Week, make fun of each other’s hopes and dreams, and do a little arts and crafts project with turbo rare...

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