Month: February 2016

The Greatest Boots Ever – Alexander McQueen’s Laser Engraved Awesomeness

When people look at my shoe collection, there is a faint gasp and then a hallowed smile as they realise its depth and beauty.  Many of my female friends can’t believe the staggering number and variety. But boots are a different story… For some reason, I am extremely partial to them.  Maybe it’s because with trousers being shorter and socks being optional, I am more like a Victorian lady in not wanting to show my ankles.  Boots do this wonderfully! McQueen has done it again in the shoe department with this wonderful burnished brown leather boot.  Its form is...

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Comme de Garcon Canvas Jacket

Frederic Jameson, in his seminal work Post-Modernism:  The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism, discusses the difference between Van Gogh’s “Shoes” versus Andy Warhol’s “Diamond Dust Shoes” to draw a comparison between the “authentic” and the “fabricated.”  The reason I bring this up is my aversion to things that have applied authenticity. From a clothing standpoint the application of authenticity occurs as a stylistic device across many articles.  Denim seems the most pervasive.  Original Levi jeans were hard boards of indigo selvedge fabric – a tough fabric for a workman/women, but the modern attraction to jeans is in the patina of...

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