Month: March 2014

Heschung Shoes

A while back, I almost bought a pair of spats.  I thought they would look good in a formal setting, paired with my Givenchy midnight blue dinner suit.  But alas, it was not to be.  Trolling through various shoes stores in London and online stores (from a computer in London), Mr. Porter was able to find me something that was spat-like without being spatty. These Heschung lace-up boots are a beautiful tan leather but the boot part is a speed-tie canvas, giving you the purity of spats sans ostentation.  The soles are a thick and sturdy and, although Heschung...

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Motorbike Gangs of Marrakech

Fashion in the Middle East (or in this case, the Maghreb) can be a difficult.  Some of my favourite designers are of Middle Eastern origin, including Azzadine Aläia from Tunis or Hussein Chalayan from Turkey.  The plain black burqa often hides a stunning Chanel or Prada outfit underneath while the hijab can be scarves of startling beauty. In Marrakech, however, one of the most interesting blends of traditional Islamic dress and modern pop culture has been documented by the British-Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajja in a stunning exhibit at the Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York. This slideshow requires JavaScript. The style...

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